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Tennis racket stringing & customisation

Strings Available:

  • Wilson Extreme Nylon
  • Wilson Synthetic Gut
  • Wilson Sensation Synthetic Gut
  • Prince Synthetic Gut
  • Prince Nylon
  • Big Banger Original
  • Technifibre Multifeel
  • Technifibre Synthetic Gut

Racket StringingIf you require a particular string, they can be ordered in single set packs – the cost of a re-string is dependent on the type of strings required, please contact Linda Cornish for a price.

DC Tennis provides a unique service in that we pride ourselves in making sure your racket:

  1. Has the correct strings
  2. Is strung at the correct tension
  3. The racket is the correct weight
  4. The racket has the correct string balance

All of the above are extremely important to ensure that you do not get injured whilst playing as, for example, a racket with the incorrect string tension could cause wrist/elbow/shoulder/neck injuries if the strings are too stiff or the tension too tight. You will also get loss of power if the strings are too tight and loss of control if they are too loose or old.Viper Balance Team

If you would like to take advantage of any of the above services, please feel free to get in touch.

Many of today’s touring pros play with customized racquets. Whether these players have their racquets customized during manufacturing (extra graphite reinforcement, weight, balance, handle shape, etc.) or after-market, they want racquets tailor-made for their needs.

There’s no reason why you can’t have the same. More and more, we’re finding non-professional players benefitting from this “tweaking” of their racquets to improve performance. From matching racquets to increasing overall weight, increasing torsional stability, raising the racquet’s sweetspot or counter-balancing a head-heavy racquet to make it head-light - all levels of players are finding benefit in customizing their racquets’ weight and balance.